From left: Silas Myers, Nathan Ozuzun and Royce Borst. PHOTO BY DAN FOX

Royce Borst

Gratitude requires humility, which the dictionary defines as being modest and respectful.

This selfless student is always paying attention to what is going on around him, which allows him to appreciate the people in his life and even the smallest of gestures.

He says thank-you throughout the day, and others follow his lead, making him a role model. In the classroom, he offers a helping hand, makes respectful choices and practices kindness on a daily basis.

When playing sports, he looks for ways to help his teammates succeed and uses positive words of encouragement to make them feel included and supported.

This student appreciates life and chooses to be grateful on a daily basis. To quote this student: “Today is the best day!” When asked why, his response was, “Everyday’s the best day!”

Nathan Ozuzun

This student is always thankful to those who help and expresses his gratitude sincerely.

He is an extremely hard worker and understands that hard work is rewarded.

When he doesn’t understand something, he will most often ask for help and is always sincerely grateful for the assistance he receives.

He uses the feedback during study time, which better prepares him for class. It is evident that he takes the advice from his teachers graciously and improves every day as a result.

It is because of the gratitude he demonstrates on a daily basis and his conscientious nature that Nathan Ozuzun was selected as secondary student of the month for April and the character word of gratitude.

Silas Myers

This student is always prepared for class, and from his daily improvement it is obvious that he works on his skills outside of the classroom. When working on a class project, this student is always attentive and eager to push himself to the next level.

The school staff appreciates the fact that they can count on this student to set a good example.

It is evident that this student has a superior work ethic through his relentless pursuit of perfection in both academics and athletics.

Displaying gratitude necessitates a modicum of modesty and respect, this student exemplifies humility through his words and actions and is one of the most respectful young men you’ll ever meet.

-Skagway School