Heavy Traffic

At 9 a.m. on a slow Monday morning, as one bus drives past two parked cars, a husband says to his wife, “This is rush hour in Alaska!”

Big Iron

As a family entered the National Park Service Visitor’s Center, one young boy pointed to the “Firearms Prohibited” sign and asked, “They have pistols in Alaska?”


“Is it windy here?” asked a man at the Train Shoppe.

Talk Box

“It’s a bathroom, not a phone booth. People are waiting,” someone commented at the Library after a woman was loudly talking on her phone in the stall

Slip of the Tongue

Wife: “Oh! We could do a brothel tour for $10!”

Husband: “That’s cheaper than it is back home.”

• • •

That wind sure built up for a mighty bit of gusting these past weeks. Those placid days will lull you in and make you forget why Skagway earns its namesake. Keep the breeze coming for the rest of the summer –  there’s not that much left.

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