The Alaskan Summer

On a mild 52-degree day, one lady in a group said, “This is probably as hot as it gets in Skagway!”

More than meets the eye

Tourist couple walking past Alaska Natural Geographic.

Husband says, “We’ve already seen the whole town. It’s only seven blocks wide and three blocks long!”

Wife: “Oh! It’s so tiny!”

The customer is always right

As the windy one wheeled newspapers out to the Railroad Dock, a tourist curtly asked where they could buy train tickets. After being pointed to the huts bearing signs saying, “Train Tickets Sold Here,” the tourist replied, “No, that’s not right,” and hustled off.

• • •

Only a few more weeks until the breeze blows those big boats out of town for the winter. It’s the best time to collect those noteworthy scraps of wind, so keep your ears open and send what you hear to the windy one at, or drop off at the News Depot on Broadway and we will enter you in a monthly drawing for a copy of Best of the Skagway Police Blotter, Vols 1 and 2, featuring the best of “Heard on the Wind.”