Recently, we honored the anniversary of 9/11, and my class and I had a chat about our volunteers who protect us in this town.

We decided to write thank-you letters to the people who help and save us in emergencies. Some of my classmates chose to write firefighters, some chose the police, but I chose to thank our community. We have such a safe and humble community. The civilians in this town help each other in hard times and support you in difficulties that you are struggling in.

If you have a death in your  family, the community helps you get through it. I love Skagway because of the people in our town. I feel this is a safe place for children to grow up and just a safe place to live. We know that if we ever had a disaster or major emergency, our town would pull together and make it through. Thank you, Skagway community, for being great influences on us Skagway children. With appreciation:

Rosetta, Ayden, Royce, Lennon, Austin, Camden, Lucy, Liam, Lina, Brenden, Zeke, Yonder, Leo, Alé, Kaytlin, Mary Thole • Skagway Fifth Grade Class