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From left: Rosetta Pring, Aryanna Lundgren and Julius Long. PHOTO BY DAN FOX

Julius Long

The elementary student of the month for September and one who showcases the character word of grit is someone who really exemplifies the attribute by sticking with things and never giving up even when they are hard for him. Julius completes challenging tasks and assignments with a good attitude. It is perhaps his attitude that really helps to solidify his talent for exhibiting grit, because he always seems to have a smile on his face, and even when faced with obstacles he powers through them with a resolve rarely seen by such a young student. We’ve seen this young man build upon his skills and develop diligent work habits over the years that have led to the type of grit that this character attribute is all about.

Rosetta Pring

This student accepts a challenge with a smile. She gets a squint of determination in her eyes when the going gets tough, buckles down and perseveres through the struggle of learning as she seeks the clarity in understanding. A recent example of her grit was when learning double digit multiplication this year. She thought she had it – and then realized she actually didn’t. She took a deep audible breath, and then looked down to the problems she missed in search for her mistakes.

She found them and then continued on to work slowly and diligently as the multiplication work became more complex throughout the past few weeks. When challenges to apply herself above and beyond are put before her, she accepts with a glimmer in her eye – and you know she is going to crush it. When she can make something better because she finished with time to spare- she maximizes those minutes and reaches beyond. In addition, multiple teachers have seen that she applies what she learns in school in her life outside of school. When she is inspired by music, writing, science or history, she follows the path of inspiration through the triumphs and struggles, beyond her expectations and finds joy in the journey. This student embraces the challenge with a smile. In cross country this season Rosetta led practice workouts – particularly hill workouts – and she continued to push herself and improve daily.

Aryanna Lundgren

When the staff considered who was deserving of this award in the junior high or high school, several names came up, but one individual clearly rose to the top. All of this student’s teachers had an opportunity to comment on how she exemplifies the characteristics of grit, here is what they had to say:

• She is a hard worker.

• She perseveres.

• She gives full effort.

• She is resilient.

• She is present and participates in class.

• She is enthusiastic about challenges.

• She is a risk taker, she dares to try new things and experiences great growth in the process.

• She is courageous during volleyball practice and in games.

• She shows passion and perseverance for volleyball and academics.

• She has overcome great challenges. She moved to a place she’d never been before and found a fresh start.

• Most of all, she is optimistic with her goals and it really brings the whole team morale/grit up.

Aryanna consistently states how much she loves school and life. She comes to class prepared and asks how she can get ahead and how she can keep her grades up. Currently she is writing a personal narrative about how she has changed her life and vision of what life is about. She is an inspiration to all around her.

-Skagway School