November 19th

An officer assisted with a vehicle lockout.

A theft was reported.

November 20th

EMS personnel assisted with a scheduled medevac.

November 21st

Multiple reports of a bear near 5th Ave and Spring St.

NPS were advised as the bear was on the Moore Cabin property.

November 22nd

Multiple reports of a bear laying on the boardwalk on 2nd Ave.

A bear report for the Pullen Pond park was received.

An officer responded to a report of gunshots near a local residence.

November 23rd

An officer reported seeing a bear near the Pullen Park RV Park.

November 24th

An officer responded to multiple reports of a bear near AML, Petro Marine, and the airport. The bear was directed away from the area.

November 25th

Dispatch contacted the bird rescue group regarding an injured bird report.

November 26th

Multiple reports of the bear near the Pullen Park RV park. One report noted that individuals were observing the bear from within a vehicle. Dispatch posted an online message requesting the public not interfere with the bear, as it may complicate efforts to solve the problem.

November 27th

An officer responded to a report of the bear near 4.5 Ave and Broadway. Another report was received that the bear had moved south towards 1st Ave and Broadway.

November 28th

Multiple reports were received regarding a likely propane leak near 12th Ave and Broadway. The responsible party for the property was contacted.

A bear was reported to be near the Pullen Park RV Park eating berries. A later report stated a bear was seen closer to the Ferry Terminal.

November 29th

A bear was reported to be in a tree near 1st Ave between Main and State streets. The bear was later reported to be moving from near the Westmark on 3rd Ave and Spring, towards State St on 1st Ave.

Dispatch received reports of gunfire near 3rd Ave and Broadway. An officer reported that he was the source of the gunfire, as he was hazing the bear away from a populated area.

November 30th

A bear was reported to be heading north on Broadway from the intersection with 3rd Ave.