Licensed marijuana retailers in Alaska can start applying on April 11 for permits to allow on-site consumption of their products.

Lt. Gov. Kevin Meyer on March 12 signed the regulations allowing on-site sales. The new rules take effect 30 days after signature. The state Marijuana Control Board adopted the regulations in December and later sent them to Meyer for review.

While the regulations will allow customers to smoke on the premises what they buy from licensed retailers, the businesses will still have to apply for an on-site consumption permit and meet certain conditions, such as security and ventilation standards for the designated smoking area.

It will be mid-July, at the earliest, before a retailer could pass review and start offering on-site consumption, according to an email from the board director.

The regulation also will allow for local governments to protest on-site consumption.

The Skagway Borough assembly did not object when owner Tara Bass applied in 2016 for her state license to open the Remedy Shoppe. The business opened Jan. 20, 2017.

Bass had initially wanted to set up an area on the back deck of her business for customers to smoke but had to shelve the idea when the marijuana control board declined to allow on on-site consumption.