Rain and warm weather forced cancellation of the timed races but didn’t keep the skiers away from the 33rd annual Buckwheat International Ski Classic on March 23. More than 300 people turned out for the event.

Skiers came out dressed in costumes reminiscent of Lewis Caroll for the Alice in Wonderland theme for the 2019 Buckwheat, despite the changes to the courses and trails made necessary by the unseasonably warm conditions.

The warm weather the week before the race deteriorated some of the tracks that would have been used for official timed races on the 25K and 50K trails.

“We thought we were going to be able to have a race on a shortened course, similar to last year’s with loops for the 25 and 50K, but parts of those trails simply became un-skiable yesterday afternoon,” Buckwheat organizer Jeff Brady said in a release to participants.

The 10K trails stayed in decent condition, so the Buckwheat trail team decided on staggered start times and looping the track multiple times to give skiers a non-timed celebratory ski for the end of winter.

The weather didn’t affect the work at the main aid station, which featured a large snow castle done with giant Cheshire Cat entrance and a snow slide for kids.

While no winners were announced for any of the skiing, there were still awards to be given out at the banquet. Exceptional volunteers and the best costume were awarded, as well as the 2019 Miss Buckwheat, which highlights a daughter of a family who helped the event behind the scenes.