March 26th

A report of multiple scam calls regarding the vehicle warranties was received.

A large brown Pitbull was reportedly at large until a helpful neighbor intervened.

Fire personnel responded to an automated fire alarm at a Broadway St Municipal building.

March 27th

EMS personnel responded to an Auto Dialer call at a Dyea residence.

March 28th

A report of vandalism was filed detailing the destruction of the passenger side window of a local tour company van while it was parked on 12th Ave and Broadway St.

Police received another report of vandalism on a local woman’s truck while it was parked at the airport. The driver’s side back door had been keyed.

March 29th

A local woman spotted a couple pieces of luggage were in the pond by 12th Ave and the Railroad tracks.

A local woman reported having received a fraudulent call from Jamaica stating she had won money from Wal-Mart.

March 31st

A local resident has misplaced a set of keys with different colored tags wrapped around them.

April 1st

Public Works found a rose gold ring at Hidden Cove.

April 4th

A Samsung cell phone with a cracked screen was found outside of the Happy Endings Saloon.

April 7th

Police received a report of vandalism to a local resident’s vehicles.

Good Samaritan reports seeing a solo kayaker in possible distress, Police responded but were unable to locate anyone.

April 8th

A silver ring with a purple gemstone was turned in after being found near 7th Ave and Main St.

A report of theft of concrete stepping stones from a local business was received.

Dispatch assisted a local resident get in contact with the On Duty Provider.