By Leigh Armstrong

The borough assembly voted April 18 to reopen the application period for the job of Skagway borough manager in an attempt to attract more applicants.

The decision comes after the borough manager hiring committee met April 9 and selected five finalists. The assembly did not explain in public April 18 specifically why it wanted more applicants or if there was anything deficient about the five finalists.

The decision to reopen the application period for an additional 30 days will set back the assembly’s plan to appoint a new manager by May 16. 

Assemblymember Orion Hanson said he was concerned about adding more time to the manager search. “We had criticism over the length of the process last time,” Hanson said. The borough has been without a permanent manager since Scott Hahn left the job in July for a position in Colorado. Former state legislator Sam Kito III declined the job in February. 

Assemblymember Dan Henry said adding 30 more days would only put the hiring process at 60 days in this round, compared to six months the first time. 

“We didn’t receive as many (applicants) as we had hoped for, or even as many as we had received last time,” Henry said. 

Assemblymember Dave Brena said information came to light concerning the process that would have to be discussed in executive session. “There’s good reasons why we’re reopening the process,” Brena said. 

Currently, interim borough manager Tom Healy is signed on until May, and Hanson asked if he would be interested in extending until the end of the search. Healy said he has obligations in June but would be happy to discuss options. 

The decision to extend the application passed 5-1, with Hanson voting against.