By Lilly Milman 

The school board swore in Samuel Bass as an interim member at a special meeting on Tuesday. Bass is temporarily replacing Alana Lawson, who resigned from the board at the July 9 meeting.

Bass and former school board member Darren Belisle were the only people who submitted letters of interest for the interim position, but Belisle later withdrew his name.  

Bass is enrolling his two children in Skagway School as year-round students this year. They are entering the first and third grades. He said that his top priority on the school board is to continue the good work that the board is already doing. 

“Everywhere you go, if you talk about Skagway, something that comes up pretty quickly in that conversation is how good the school is,” Bass said. “You see the test results, and you also see it on a boots on the ground level, where people talk about how good the school is. The kids love it, the grades are good, the curriculum is good, the teachers are great. I would want to get involved and see how you guys are accomplishing that and then be part of it.” 

He does not anticipate running for school board in the Oct. 1municipal elections because he is running for the assembly, he said.