By Leigh Armstrong 

The borough assembly has sent an Alaska Department of Transportation request to build a snow-removal equipment storage building at the Skagway Airport to the planning and zoning committee for review. 

The state suggested three locations for the new building to house a plow and a towable broom. 

Assemblymember Steve Burnham said all three state parcels are unused areas that the municipality’s comprehensive plan said Skagway should try to get back. 

“It would be better to add those lots back to the municipality,” Burnham said at the Aug. 1 assembly meeting. “I’m little bit apprehensive to say build three-walled simple shed here because then they’re starting to use it, which great, but they should be using it already.”

The borough assembly chose to postpone the decision until the planning and zoning committee looks over the request and determines how it fits in with the municipality’s pending request that the state return part of the airport land if it is available for transfer. 

Mayor Andrew Cremata said the municipality had sent a letter to the state asking for any available land, and said some of the airport land may be on that list.