By Lilly Milman

Jessy, the lost black-and-white dog belonging to Alberta couple Grant and Cindy Reekie, was spotted drinking water from the reservoir on the Lower Dewey Trail System around 5:30 p.m. Aug. 5. She has been missing since June 13, when she ran away from her owners after being spooked by a train whistle near the Lower Dewey trailhead.

According to Grant, he received a call from a group of Skagway locals at around 6 p.m. Aug. 5, telling him that a dog resembling Jessy had been spotted. The person said they called out Jessy’s name and she turned around and looked at them before running away. They were unable to catch her. Grant said he sent them additional photos of Jessy, and they confirmed that it was her. 

A little over four weeks passed between sightings, as Jessy was last spotted July 3 on the Lower Dewey Lake trail.

“As you can expect, we were very excited as there hadn’t been a reported sighting in almost a month,” Grant said. “I posted a report on Swap immediately and again had a great response. Alt-hough there have been no sightings since, we remain optimistic as Jessy somehow is surviving.” 

Jessy is a 10-year-old mix between a border collie, Dalmatian and Labrador. She has mostly white, longer hair, with black spots around her hindquarters. Anyone who believes they have seen Jessy is encouraged to call the Skagway Police non-emergency line at 983-2232.