By Leigh Armstrong

With multiple bear sightings and warnings issued by the police, Skagway residents have cause to remain bear aware during the season. 

Since September, residents have reported multiple bear sightings in town, including larger brown bears that have been acting aggressively.

 The bears have been spotted in different parts of town, including near the school. 

Due to the recent bear activity, Skagway police issued a statement that residents should not place their garbage out until after 4 a.m. on the scheduled pickup date.

“Please exercise caution and continue to take care of trash appropriately. Your cooperation is appreciated,” the police department said in a release Oct. 6. 

One of the bears was killed on Oct. 4, and it’s uncertain how many more are remaining in or near town. 

In a separate incident, a Haines man was attacked by a brown bear on Oct. 4 after a hunting trip with his father, according to a news report on KHNS. Casey Bradford was mauled by a brown bear but escaped with non-life threatening injuries after his father scared it away, according to the radio news report.