By Leigh Armstrong

With significant cuts to the state ferry schedule this fall and winter making it harder and more expensive for students to travel for extracurricular activates, Skagway School teams are working on several fundraising efforts to help defer some of the added costs.

With less ferry service, air travel becomes an expensive option to reach some events.

When initially preparing the 2019-2020 school year budget, Josh Coughran, Skagway school superintendent, had planned for less travel by ferry. In his budget presentation in March, he told the school board that any travel in excess of the minimum required to qualify for state competition would have to be met by fundraising. 

Using that information, Coughran planned out a budget so that all Skagway teams and groups would have the chance to compete to the fullest extent possible. 

Teams and coaches have organized fundraisers early to help cover the costs. The drama, debate and forensics team started before the end of last school year by putting on encore shows of the pieces it they adapted for competition in July, raising over $2,500. 

Additionally, the Skagway Fish Co. sponsored a fish fry night on Oct. 2 to help raise more funds for the team. 

Other food-related fundraisers occur weekly at the Elks, with different groups taking charge of the burger feed to help raise money for their respective teams. In previous years, multiple teams from robotics to basketball have participated to raise money for warm-up equipment and other needs of the team.

“It’s been something of a tradition for the past decade,” Coughran said. 

This year, the money earned by fundraising will likely be put toward additional games for school teams. 

Typically, a team or club sponsoring a burger feed will bring in around $1,000 to $1,500.