The municipality is looking at ways to cut costs for constructing and equipping an odor control building at the wastewater treatment plant.

The project, which grew out of a well-received pilot program in 2017, has gone out to bid twice, according to Borough Manager Brad Ryan.

But both times, the bids came back far over the borough’s initial estimated of $600,000. While Ryan said $600,000 was a low estimate, the municipality is uncertain why the bids were so high. “We’re at a bit of a loss as to why it’s so high,” Ryan said.

Due to the significantly higher price, the borough has not awarded the contract and is going to look for ways it could lower the project cost.

The equipment would clean the air coming off the treatment plant to remove odors and also disinfect the air.

One option the municipality is exploring would be for the borough to purchase some of the equipment itself. The process uses ultraviolet photoionization to help control the smell around the wastewater treatment plant, and uses a specific piece of equipment called a Neutralox photoionization unit — which is only available from one company, Ryan said.

The manager said he is hopeful the borough can bring down the cost and complete the project, but there is no timeline for the work. “We want to do the project, but we have to manage the expenses,” Ryan said.

The borough assembly’s Nov. 25 meeting agenda included consideration of an ordinance to appropriate funds for several municipal projects, including an additional $1.6 million that would be added to the existing $600,000 budget for the odor control building.