By Jeff Brady

Wendy Anderson, an active volunteer with more than two decades of service on various fronts, is the winner of the 33rd annual Helen B. Clark Award for Skagway Community Service.

Anderson this past summer received many accolades for organizing the first Skagway Seniors Summer Camp.

“She arranged for several very interesting outings for us, including lunch on a couple of cruise ships, Liarsville salmon bake and show, a glass-blowing demonstration, a trip to the suspension bridge and others,” said senior Ginny Cochran, in one of three nominating statements for Anderson. “I thoroughly enjoyed each outing, as I am sure the others did.”

Bea Lingle said they also went on a train ride, a tour of the sculpture garden, and were taken on rides around town.

“She has done so much to make Skagway ‘a fun place’ for senior adults,” Lingle said.

Cochran and Lingle are both former winners of the award and active seniors, but Anderson also has been active in a number of other volunteer efforts, said Sherry Corrington, in another nominating statement.

Anderson has been a chair and member of the Skagway Library Board for many years, and a leader on the Fran Delisle Cancer Awareness Committee, which organizes the annual breast cancerwalk. For several years, she also was the late Buckwheat Donahue’s main behind-the-scenes organizer for the annual cross-country ski race before he handed it over to the Log Cabin Ski Society.

She also has helped with Clean Sweep, the annual Easter Egg Hunt, Yuletide, the Santa Train (as an elf), and various Eagles, Elks, National Park Service and city events.

“I’ve known Wendy since her first summer in 1993,” Corrington said. “I’ve never had a friend witha busier non-working schedule than Wendy. She had turned down more parties, meals and gatherings due to her volunteer commitments than anyone else I know.

“She had always been able to recruit other to give time to their community and has never in all the years I have known her shown any judgment to those who are less actively inclined. She is a shining example of someone who is willing to give time, ideas and elbow grease to a broad variety of activities and events each and every year.”

Anderson will receive the award, an antique wood ‘W’ type-face letter, at the Dec. 23 borough assembly meeting.

Other new nominees recognized over the past two years were John and Jan Tronrud, Vivian Meyer, John Hischer and Tim Cochran. They will receive certificates and have been added to the pool of nominees to be considered.

The late Helen Clark was the first recipient of Skagway’s Community Service Award in 1987 and agreed to have future awards named for her so that generations would remember her volunteer spirit. The award recognizes outstanding volunteer deeds or service to the community.

The award is jointly sponsored by the Skagway Book Co. and The Skagway News. Every fall nomination letters are accepted from the public and then a committee of past winners’ reviews nominations from the past five years and selects a winner.