By Melinda Munson with reporting from Gretchen Wehmhoff

Skagwegians headed to the Yukon for groceries should call ahead to verify items they hope to purchase are available. Today, Sav-On-Foods in Whitehorse expanded their manager’s list of limitations. 

The store manager would not give specifics to The Skagway News, preferring to respond to individual customer calls. A Sav-On employee provided information regarding restrictions when Gretchen Wehmhoff, co-editor, called back as a private citizen.

The limitations list, also posted at the store, includes four cans of tuna, two jugs of milk, four packages of diapers, four bottles of hand sanitizer and two packages of toilet paper. However, at 11 a.m., Sav-On was out of both hand sanitizer and toilet paper, with the expectation that toilet paper would be restocked.

The store employee verified persons placing orders online would not know if their requested items were actually available until pick up.

In Skagway, Fairway Market had few empty spots on their shelves.

“…Our vendor says there’s not a problem,” said Tim Fairbanks, owner. “We have toilet paper.” 

He described the situation as “business as usual.” Fairbanks noted one change: “Instead of ordering what we carry, we order what they (the distributor) have.” Meaning shoppers might not get their normal brand of laundry soap, but they will get laundry soap.

Customer Melanie Lawrence was relaxed as she checked out, making a few cracks with cashier Dan Rossi.

“I have no Clorox, no toilet paper and no hand sanitizer,” Lawrence said, pointing to her cart. Instead, she was stocking up on celery and crab, for a dip.

Fairway Market plans to continue their normal winter hours.