By Melinda Munson

Read with no hands. Audible is offering hundreds of titles for free; no account or credit card information required. Designed for school-aged children, there are plenty of adult picks (Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice, The Scarlet Letter) and all seven Harry Potter books.

Keep the community in community paper. Submit an article or picture to The Skagway News at All written entries should be 700 words or less. Photographs should be emailed the largest file size possible.

Art really is for everyone. Sign up with New York City’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) for online, self-paced, tuition-free classes. Corey D’Augustine’s eight week class, Postwar Abstract Painting, is one of nine topics and will take approximately 27 hours to complete.

Reach out from six feet away. Entrepreneur Becky Mull maintains a list of seniors who appreciate window visits and the occasional treat. Her Tuesday morning outreach group is looking for more volunteers. Contact Mull through Facebook for more information.

For those who imbibe, Skagway Spirits Distillery offers a weekly rotating cocktail menu. A homegrown, family operation, Skagway Spirits incorporates local botanicals in their products. On this week’s menu is Rosemary and Grapefruit with Skagway Spirits gin, 375 mL kit: $28, 750 mL kit: $40. Glasses and ice not included. Call 907-612-0306 to order and arrange pick up.

Join Skagway Rocks. Painted stones have been showing up all over town to the delight of parents and their spirited charges. Decorate rocks and hide them on Skagway’s streets and trails. Masks and gloves recommended during the creative process and during delive

Watch the winners of Film Riot’s Stay at Home Short Film Challenge. The first place film starts at 5:45 and might cause violent laughter accompanied by shortness of breath. Visit Film Riot’s Facebook page for tutorials and news on the next short film contest.

Read about a challenging time in history. Businesswoman and year-round resident Janilyn Heger is focusing on The Great Depression. She’s researching the “innovative and resourceful” and contemplating the question: “How do we make what we have work for us?”