Thank you to the 4th of July committee, parents, kiddos, and community who helped (safely) celebrate the kiddie parade this Fourth of July: “FREADOM: 100 Years of Skagway Public Library.” Thank you to Jean Worley for making such a fun, well-crafted banner that we continue to enjoy on display at the library this centennial year. We anticipate being able to hang it in the children’s room for many years to come – a pleasant reminder of the good times in this historical year. Thank you also to everyone who donated books so each child in the parade could get a free book. It was wonderful to see kids excited about books!  Thank you Kari Rain for making sure all those books made it there that morning, and to the volunteers who helped manage the process. Skagway is truly a special place. The Library was honored to be a part of this year’s festivities.


Jennifer Sasselli

Library Director

Skagway Public Library