By Melinda Munson

According to Kaitlyn Jared, executive director of Skagway Development Corp. (SDC), 211 businesses applied for the Small Business Emergency Grant Program, which closed for applications Sept. 11.

The program, approved by the Borough Assembly on Aug. 6, will divide $950,000 between qualified businesses.

SDC, which administers the program, reviewed the applications and sent their recommendation report to the Municipality of Skagway (MOS) on Sept. 18. 

“The MOS will review the recommendations and send out approval and denial emails or letters to applicants. Be sure to check your email regularly,” Jared said.

Businesses which are approved for the grant “must provide a completed W-9 and a signed grant agreement to SDC,” Jared said.

Applicants who are denied can submit a written request to appeal by 5 p.m. on the 10th calendar day after receiving notice of denial. All appeals should be directed to Borough Manager Brad Ryan.

The per business grant amount cannot be determined until all of the appeal requests have been processed. 

Businesses who plan on accepting money from the SNOW program, which did not pass the Assembly on Sept. 17, might not be eligible for both programs.

“I’d love to think before mid-October,” said Ryan when asked when businesses could expect funding from the first municipality business grant. As of Wednesday, Ryan had not received any appeals.