September – Confidence


Many times, a student will possess a particular talent or ability that is hidden or untapped. Though they may be aware of such talent, they are reluctant to share it with others. Performing music, and in particular, singing, can leave a person feeling vulnerable and exposed. It takes a certain level of confidence to stand, surrounded by your peers, and sing into a microphone. This student has grown in confidence over the past two years. So much so, that he is now playing the bass, motivating other students in music class to be more confident and to take risks.

Another way this student is confident, is his values and beliefs. They may not be popular or possessed by the majority of the people around him, yet he confidently stays true to his ideals. After graduation, he has a desire to serve his country through the U.S. Air Force. I believe the confidence he demonstrates will take him far and will inspire others to take risks and stay true to their convictions. As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” 


Nathan’s growth in the classroom started last spring when working at home and reading “To Kill A Mockingbird.” Since then, his English work is all on time and he comes after school to ask what homework he might have and to seek help if he needs it. His writing has also improved. Recently he wrote an essay comparing two stories by characters and theme.

 You can see the confidence in this young man in how he carries himself down the hall in school, as well as out in public spaces. He sets the bar high for himself, knowing he can achieve those goals. As someone who was once not sure of himself, or what he needed to do, he has become someone who is very confident in the direction they are going in both life and in school. I am so incredibly proud of the growth he has made since the spring, and look forward to witnessing all the amazing things this confident young man will accomplish. 


The first elementary student of the month shows confidence in his academic work as well as in his interactions with fellow students and school staff. He offers ideas in class even if he isn’t sure of the correct answer.

He’s willing to try new things and is confident in his ability to do difficult tasks; his confidence shows his peers that it is alright to be risk-takers and be confident in your own abilities. 


Our second elementary student of the month, who exemplifies confidence, is a well-rounded confident leader and individual. The conviction she holds in the belief that she can succeed is clear on the court and in the classroom. She doesn’t expect perfection — but expects the best to be put forth in herself and others. In the face of a challenge, it is clear she believes in herself and gives it her best “shot” no matter the opponent or the assignment. Her growth mindset is solid. When the going gets tough, she always keeps going because she knows she will eventually succeed with enough hard work and practice. With her classmates, she seeks to include everyone and build others up — the true virtue of a confident person.

October – Politeness


This student excitedly approaches others to help them out in all activities. She comes to school each day with enthusiasm and a smile on her face greeting everyone by name. This greeting is often followed by asking how you are and she sincerely listens to your answers. She always uses her manners and says please and thank you without reminders. 


This student greets his teacher and any other teacher he sees along the way each morning and throughout the day. What’s most impressive is he always remembers to ask how they are doing.

During PE he goes out of his way to run up to other students to explain the rules of the game for the day. He encourages others to join in and watches out for them while they’re playing the game. He is able to make others feel welcome because he is kind and has a positive attitude that is contagious. When conflict arises, he likes to be the one to jump in and help solve the problem. 


For starters, this student is always on time and usually the first one to show up to class each day exemplifying a motto she learned from her mom, “If you’re not 20 minutes early, you’re late.” She greets her teacher on a daily basis with a smile and asks her how she is doing. Not only that, she engages in rich conversation with her teacher while out hiking or biking. 

This young lady brings her knowledge and fighting passion for people, different cultures and the environment with her wherever she goes. She isn’t afraid to share her differing opinions in a respectful way and listens to others’ ideas with an open mind. This student chooses to do the right thing, and teachers and her classmates notice her as a role model and leader because of her respectful nature towards herself and others. 


Our secondary student of the month is always polite and respectful to teachers and peers. This student pays attention in class, asks thoughtful questions and never talks out of turn. This student always displays good manners with both adults and students alike, he is someone who genuinely listens to what you have to say rather than just waiting for his turn to talk.

His observational sly sense of humor is also a great attribute, he can make everyone laugh without making anyone feel uncomfortable.