By Gretchen Wehmhoff

The Skagway Emergency Operations Center (EOC) announced a new positive COVID-19 case today.  The case has a high level of potential for community spread.  Later in the day a second case was also announced.  This brings the documented count of positive cases in Skagway to 13.

In following the EOC’s plans for determined community spread cases, the current shelter-in-place, due to end tomorrow will be extended to Dec. 4.

Skagway Schools announced that school will continue to operate in the red zone, which means students will stay at home for distance learning through the shelter-in-place extension.

The Skagway Traditional Council (STC) posted in Facebook today that they are limiting testing to specific groups due to a potential supply shortage. Until more test kits arrive, groups who are able to get tested at STC include: grocery store staff, pre/asymptomatic close contacts. (Identified by contact tracers), Travelers into & out of Skagway

STC asks people seeking their second test  to wait until test kits arrive.
Fairway Market posted that in addition to their normal holiday closure of Thursday and Friday, they will also be closed Saturday, Nov. 28.  There will be no curbside or delivery on Saturday.

EOC asks residents who might have been notified of a positive result from a test not given at Dahl Memorial Clinic, to contact the clinic as soon as possible. The phone number is 907-983-2255.

“We thank all COVID positive patients who communicated openly with us and the community. It greatly helps our contact tracing efforts and may prevent a large outbreak,” the EOC  said.


This story was updated to include the second report of a positive COVID case in Skagway.