A press release from Municipality of Skagway EOC:

Skagway, Alaska, February 13, 2021 The Dahl Memorial Clinic (DMC) has identified two new positivecases of coronavirus (COVID-19). These cases have been deemed secondary transmission. Secondary transmission cases are defined as positive cases that were close contacts who lived with or had frequent contact with an index case patient and had a higher risk for contracting COVID-19.


Because there is a high level of certainty that no community transmission occurred as a result of these cases, there is NO shelter in place ordered and the following previously established protocols will be followed:




  1. Notify the community that we have a case of COVID-19 in Skagway.
  2. Message to include that the case is a resident with no known community contact OR that the case is associated with travel to Skagway and that the individual did not have community contact.
  3. This would assume that we know with a high certainty that the individual has been sheltering in place OR arrived in Skagway with limited contact and quarantined until they received their testing results.


If you or a family member experience cold or flu-like symptoms, contact the Clinic at 983-2255 or the Skagway Traditional Council (STC) at 983-4068 for testing. As a reminder, the STC has testing hours on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 2pm.


The EOC and Public Health recommend individuals continue to follow strict social distancing, wear cloth masks, and keep social bubbles small starting with immediate family or household and 1-2 close friends.