I understand when opportunity comes knocking, it is very important to answer the door because Skagway has a special story to tell and Stan Bush and his film crew will do an outstanding job telling it. However, by allowing Stan and his crew special travel considerations regarding our quarantine mandate, the municipality is highlighting the fact that potential personal fame and spotlight brought by a film crew is more important than education, our dental needs and our medical needs. 

It is my understanding that the crew arrived, took a test, then went straight to city hall to film the assembly meeting. Meanwhile, those with kids in school are having to deal with either quarantining or going without medical services because we cannot go to Juneau without repercussions. 

Furthermore, if we decide to go ahead and take our child for medical treatment in Juneau, the odds of getting a covid test and being able to get our children back in school within seven days are slim. Testing slots are not always available and usually need to be scheduled days in advance — not to mention they are not available on weekends or holidays. (Except tests with slower results provided by Skagway Traditional Council on Saturdays — thank you STC). 

I could go on about the issues this causes, but ultimately, what the municipality allowed is a severe slap in the face to those of us living here that have to abide this ridiculous mandate. We have seen our children (and ourselves) suffer and be depressed, have dealt with tears and failing grades … meanwhile an entertainment crew can come and go with a simple exemption request. 

Ultimately, I have no problem with the film crew coming here and maintaining the state’s protocols. I do, however, think the additional protocols required by the municipality are incredibly onerous and ridiculous and need to be rescinded immediately. What the municipality allowed was not fair to those of us in the community and is a sincere slap in the face as we battle this pandemic. 

If the municipality does not rescind the travel mandate, I would formally like to request an exemption for anyone, especially every child attending Skagway School, for the remainder of the year to travel for any medical reason. Simply put, by denying this request, the municipality would be showing the hypocrisy of its mandate.

The municipality should be ashamed of itself for treating the community this way. 

Furious mother and community member, 

Christy Murphy