Dear Citizens of Skagway,

 I would like to introduce myself. My name is Judy Cushman DuBose and I am a resident of Baytown, Texas. I work for Thrustmaster of Texas and I have the pleasure of visiting Skagway multiple times. You have a wonderful municipality, a beautiful community and a friendly citizenry. I have also had the honor of meeting and working with your leadership.

I share my thoughts with you because as a maritime professional that travels the United States and Canada, I have had the opportunity to meet hundreds of mayors throughout Alaska, the Lower 48 and Canada. 

 In my travels I have never worked with or met any mayor that is as credible, committed, honest, caring, concerned and committed as Skagway’s Mayor Andrew Cremata. Mayor Cremata has a concern and commitment to your community that is far more expansive than any others I have met. His commitment to increasing the opportunity for the community whether it is in the forum of economic development or civic responsibility or the quality of life of its citizens, Mayor Cremata looks at all of the needs of the community and looks at ways to solve any problem that comes to him.

 I hope and pray that if you have not met your mayor you take time to meet  Mayor Cremata. More than that, as a United States Army veteran and a United States Army widow, I pray every citizen uses their right to vote and re-elects Andrew Cremata as Mayor, his vision and commitment will continue to help Skagway grow and prosper.

 I remain, 

 Most Sincerely A Soldier For Life, 

Judith Ann Cushman 

DuBose B.A, M.A