Submitted by the U.S. Dept of Agriculture

Alaska Forests 

JUNEAU, Alaska – Oct. 5, 2021 – Both residents and visitors to Alaska’s National Forests this month should use extra caution when out and about and at home. As fish runs wind down and berry crops decline, bears are hungry and looking for food in preparation for hibernation.

To keep family, pets and property safe follow these key tips:

• Be alert – bears can be active anywhere and at any time of day.

• Keep pets leashed and stay on designated trails.

• Secure garbage and pet food.

• Protect chicken coops, beehives, and compost bins.

• Think about bear proofing cabins and other buildings.

• Be sure to pack out all garbage when camping or recreating.

• Always carry bear deterrent when out hiking or recreating and know how to use it.

• Never approach or crowd a bear.

• Never run from a bear. If you see a bear, back away slowly while facing the bear and talk calmly.

• Stay informed – check local websites for recent sightings in the area.

To learn more about bears in Alaska and being bear aware, visit: