By Melinda Munson

The Municipality of Skagway has waterfront property to sell. This isn’t the beginning of a bad joke, but a chance for Skagway residents to own land in Dyea that is close to a road, power, mountains and ocean.

Lot 10A, Block A, Taiya Inlet Subdivision #2 is 3.44 acres and appraised at $160,000. Lot 11A, Block A, Taiya Inlet Subdivision #2 is 2.43 acres and valued at $155,000. Both are located at 2.75 Dyea Road.

Interested buyers must be residents of Skagway, over 18 and “current on all payments or debts owed to the Municipality.”

The land will be disposed of by lottery. Residents may purchase a non-refundable ticket, at a cost of $100 from city hall until 5 p.m., Dec. 3. The lottery will be held at 5:30 p.m Dec. 6 in assembly chambers. Buyers must be present to win.  

“I think it’s an exceptional opportunity,” said Assemblymember Orion Hanson. “…I really want to see it’s sold to people who live and work here year round.”

Ordinance 21-14, which authorizes the sale of the land, passed Nov. 4. In its first reading, the legislation required buyers to be residents of Alaska. That was changed to “registered voters” of Skagway after an amendment proposed by Hanson. Following an attorney review and more discussion, the final language landed on “residents of the Skagway Borough.” 

This was good news for resident Ray Tsang, who until now, described himself as transient. 

“I do not get involved with local politics,” he told the assembly. “…Skagway, I find out, is my place, and I plan on (the) long term. But I’m not going to register to vote. So where does that put me?”

All money raised from the land lottery will be placed in the J.M. Frey Land Fund Reserve, as outlined in Chapter 4.12 of Skagway Municipal Code. 

Lottery winners may provide their own funding or enter an agreement with the municipality at seven percent down on a 12-year note at four percent interest. There is a 10% discount for buyers who pay the entire cost up front.

For questions or to schedule a viewing, contact the borough clerk’s office at 907-983-2297 or email Visit and click on the land sales tab for more information.