After seeing multiple incidences of trash being strewn around in our alleys and streets this morning, I felt compelled to go in and chat with Police Chief Reddick. We both agree that we don’t have a “bear problem,” we have a people problem. It’s already in code (8.04.035 Bear Attraction Nuisance) that residents will be fined $100 for an offense. No one wants that. But we also don’t want bears to be put in a position to be defensive or become aggressive. People, DO NOT PUT YOUR TRASH OUT UNTIL TRASH DAY. Citations will be issued.

JJ and I also chatted about how in the future the MOS might be able to help residents dispose of their trash earlier in the week. I know I don’t like having to keep mine in my arctic entry, but for now, it’s what I have to do. 

Please help spread the word, and please help your neighbors. I cropped the photos because there’s no need to point fingers. I lived in Haines for 10 years and learned the hard way myself about what it takes to live peacefully with bears. It’s a very short period of the year that this is an issue. Let’s do our part, Skagway.


Reba Hylton