By Nicholle Chandler

It’s that time of year when going outside feels like a considerable effort. The days are short, dark, and it’s easy to ignore my usual self-care routines when the weather gets this cold.

In the past, I’ve said things like:

“I want to work out… (reading negative windchill on my weather app) but it’s too uncomfortable to go outside, even to just get to my car.”

“I’ll go for a short nature walk… (checking my watch) but by the time I get my shoes, coat and scarf on, it will be getting dark.”

“I’ll do my meditation practice tomorrow morning… (a frigid morning arrives) but my bed is so warm and cozy.”

But, but, BUT!

Don’t let your BUTS be bigger than your SELF-CARE.

When you start to hear yourself saying things with a “but,” it’s most likely because you are ambivalent and have two parts of yourself butting heads. (See what I did there?).

What if you didn’t let your “but” win?

What if, instead, you competed with this “but,” this excuse that keeps you from taking action?

Forming new routines or habits work like an election. Every time you let your but triumph, it’s a vote toward staying the same. And every time you stick to your goals with integrity, it’s a vote toward a new you — majority rules.  

Imagine all the new possibilities when buts turn to actions.

Stay curious,


Nicholle Chandler, A-CFHC, is a certified functional health coach, meditation teacher, fitness instructor and local business owner. Learn more at