Eric Moseley is the recipient of the 35th annual Helen B. Clark Award for Skagway Community Service.

Moseley was nominated over the past two years for his care and compassion in helping local residents when the time comes to euthanize their pets.

“As many of you in the community are aware, (Moseley) took it upon himself to become trained and qualified to help us provide the end of life comfort that we owe our cherished companions,” wrote Scott Logan in a nominating statement. “He has helped me get through some of my difficult times with pets over the years, and for that I am immensely grateful. I don’t know how he does it, but he does.”

Added Danielle Arnold, “He has assisted with several of my animals over the years and one in particular will stand out to me, my heart dog, Doobie. He was gentle with my pup. Doobie, who was very protective of me, knew Eric was there for the good and didn’t react to him; he fed off his kind demeanor.”

Denise Caposey also praised Moseley for his skill, insight and gentleness, adding that he works quietly behind the scenes and can be “called upon any time of day or night to respond to a need, and does so willingly and without complaint.”

Added Jan Wrentmore, “His kindness and competence add so much peace of mind to life in our small rural town.”

Courtnay and Brad Thoe also wrote about Moseley’s quiet, unassuming professionalism during a heartbreaking moment for many. “How lucky is Skagway to have this asset rather than having to send our furry friends on a plane sometimes alone, in pain to face the next dimension?”

Lori Healy noted that in addition to helping family pets cross over the “rainbow bridge,” Moseley also will help remove porcupine quills from frightened pets, has served on the Recycling Committee, and volunteered for the Good Neighbor Program.

“Eric is our town’s unsung hero and that is exactly what we need to honor and celebrate this year,” Healy wrote. “Skagway truly is a better place because of Eric Moseley.”

The award was announced at 1 p.m. Dec. 10 by Jeff Brady at Skaguay News Depot & Books and was aired on Facebook live by The Skagway News.

Moseley was given an antique wood ‘E’ typeface letter from bookstore owner Brady’s collection with an inscription plate on the back honoring the 2021 winner.

Also recognized this year were new nominees Ron and Debbie Ackerman, Jeff Hamilton and Scott Logan. They will receive certificates and have been added to the pool of nominees to be considered in the future.

The late Helen B. Clark was the first recipient of Skagway’s Community Service Award in 1987 and agreed to have future awards named for her so generations would remember her volunteer spirit.  The award recognizes outstanding volunteer deeds or service to the community.

The award is jointly sponsored by the Skagway Book Co. and The Skagway News. Every fall nomination letters are accepted from the public, and then a committee of past winners reviews nominations from the past five years and selects a winner. 

Eric joins his wife Katherine Selmer Moseley, who won the award 12 years ago for her work establishing the Paws & Claws Animal Shelter.