By Melinda Munson

The Dahl Memorial Clinic (DMC) Board of Directors held elections Dec. 13. The newly elected officers include Jeremy Simmons, president, Cory Thole, vice-president, and Lisa Mandeville, secretary. The terms are for one year.

In the Jan. 27 board meeting, Simmons said he would monitor SEARHC’s proposal to run the clinic, a topic which divides the community. Simmons emphasized his primary focus is the board’s business of improving operations at DMC, which has struggled with staff turnover.

“It’s all of our healthcare we’re trying to safeguard,” Simmons told the Skagway News.

DMC Interim Executive Director Eileen Tremaine has fulfilled approximately one month of her three month contract. Thus far, there have been two executive sessions of the clinic board to discuss the interim executive director position.

Johanna Huff and Brent Kunzler are the only providers as temporary winter hire Kelly Cook, RN, “didn’t complete her contract,” Simmons said.  

DMC Board of Directors meetings are posted at and are held at the clinic. The next meeting is Feb. 24 at 7 p.m. Audio for clinic meetings is not currently posted on the municipality website.