Thanks for the Skagway hospitality

My wife and I recently spent a wonderful sunny weekend  in Skagway. It was our first trip back together since we moved to Skagway 25 years ago when I was hired as the tourism director.

We want to thank everyone that made the trip memorable by rolling out the usual Skagway hospitality. Our heli-hiking experience with Packer Expeditions and the zipline with Alaska X were highlights. In addition, it was great to see and visit with many of the friends we made back in the day who are still making Skagway the top destination in Southeast Alaska. Even though challenges are always present like the current dock situation, Skagwegians rise to the occasion and I trust you will be back to 100% for the 2023 season.

All the best for the rest of the season and onward in 2023!

 Steve & Marg Halloran

WP&YR lease clarification

The Skagway News article, MOS and WP&YR disagree with the end of lease process, in the August 26, 2022, edition has several mischaracterizations.

The article states on page 3, “signed in 1968 and rewritten in 1969” and then goes on to quote language from the 1969 lease. The 1968 lease and the 1969 lease are separate documents on different parcels of land. One is not a rewrite of the other. The 1968 lease was for 66.5 acres of land including all the waterfront and tidelands area. The 1968 lease is applicable to all the questions about reversion of the improvements, the allotted time frame, and to how that process may proceed. The 1969 lease is on a small parcel of land totaling 12,280 square feet. This is the land across 1st Avenue south from the Skagway Shirt Company. Quoting the 1969 lease as if it is a revision of the 1968 lease is misleading.

The 1968 lease states, “any improvements and/or chattels…shall revert to, and absolute title shall vest in the City”.

The 1968 lease states, “No improvement may be removed by lessee or any other person during any time the lessee is in default”.

The 1968 also states that the lessee shall make every effort not to pollute the waters.

David Brena