Letters to the editor

Thank you, Kaitlyn Jared for your hard work

Thank you Kaitlyn Jared for your hard work, impactful business and community efforts while being the executive director at Skagway Development Corporation (SDC). Four years ago I began serving Skagway with financial services. I wanted a consistent place to hold my office hours. After some research, SDC’s space seemed like a good fit. The space worked great but even more impactful was the opportunity to work with Kaitlyn. From current events, the status of community projects, updates on opportunities and timely Skagway information, Kaitlyn was a great resource to help develop my business in Skagway. I know how much Kaitlyn cares about the Skagway community and beyond. I know she will work hard and make impactful contributions in her new role. Thank you Skagway, for continuing to support SDC.

Steve SueWing

Financial Advisor, Edward Jones

In partnership with Rhonda Williams, 

branch office administrator


In support of Dan Henry

I am delighted to see that Dan Henry has decided to get back on the horse and again run for a seat on the Skagway Assembly. Of all the assembly members that I worked with over the past several decades, he was the most financially astute. Period. Tim Bourcy and Mike Korsmo pushed though the policies and legislation that set Skagway on the path to long-term fiscal health. I salute them, and you should, too. But Dan Henry, during his many years as finance chair, worked tirelessly to implement and fine-tune those laws. Without his hard work to change Skagway’s investment policies, for instance, the municipality would be several million dollars poorer today. That is the honest truth, and although I try to avoid politics these days, I figure I’d write this short letter as my way of thanking Dan for all he’s done for the community over the years.

Skip Elliott

Former city manager, mayor and investment advisor; current Dyea hobby farmer    


Vote “yes” on Proposition One 

Some say it’s about the journey, not the destination. But now here we are looking at the destination; March 2023 when per the will of the voters, Skagway takes control of our port for the first time in our history. Though an incredibly exciting time, it is not as easy one. Change is hard, and who, 54 years ago, could have foreseen that we would be making this momentous transition after coming out of a global pandemic. And then just as we’re getting going again, Mother Nature challenges us with a rockslide that forced the closure of one of our main docks. 

These have been scary times filled with uncertainty. A “yes” vote on Proposition One, authorizing up to $65 million in port development revenue bonds, brings us the funding and stability we need for a project that has been years in the making. A “yes” vote brings us the ability to enact an emergency plan that ensures we can berth four ships a day in 2023. A “yes” vote is how we take control of our port and benefit our amazing community for years to come. Please vote “yes” on Proposition One for a secure and stable future for Skagway. Thank you.

Deb Potter