It’s time again to bring the Fairbanks Breast Cancer Detection Center mobile mammography truck to Southeast Alaska. I neglected to thank the helpful folks in Skagway that assisted me in June 2022. 

I realized I had tire issues just as I was leaving Skagway to drive home to Fairbanks. I asked for suggestions from Lori and Skip at Family Fuel. They rounded up some Skagway residents to find a fix to the problem.

It was definitely a group effort and I want to thank Skip Stoddard, Tim Cochran, Eadoin Kerns, Robert Perdue, Cory Bricker and William Lockett for banding together to get me road-ready until I could purchase a new tire in Whitehorse. We did have a little excitement in the shop, but thankfully no one was injured.

Thank you for your kindness, your tools, your strength and your time on that beautiful Saturday afternoon. It’s great to know the Alaskan spirit is alive and well in Skagway.


Kathi Loudon, Breast Cancer Detection Center

Fairbanks, Alaska