By Gretchen Wehmhoff

Skagway Traditional Council (STC) received a tribal broadband affordability grant, benefitting various residents of Skagway.

According to their announcement, STC’s grant will work with the Alaska Power & Telephone (AP&T)  broadband service voucher program.

The program provides no-cost broadband access to eligible households in Skagway, Trial Business & Tribal Government and its extensions until funding runs out.

Eligibility originally originally opened to seniors over 60 residing in Skagway, any indigenous citizen in Skagway and any indigenous business in Skagway.  Recipients of the program must use the plan through AP&T.

The program recently expanded Skagway eligibility to single parent households with school-aged children and low-income families and individuals as defined by HUD.  

The application lists the 2024 low income guidelines.

The program does not cover any installation costs.

STC’s application notes that while access level and specifications may change, “we expect to be able to provide a minimum of 25Mbps download/3Mbps upload for copper-fed premises and 150 Mbps download/20 Mbps upload for fiber-fed premises.”

Because the program is grant-based, those who join the program will receive quarterly questionnaires to help STC gauge the effectiveness of the program.

The program is paid for by the National Telecommunication and Information Administration, Tribal Broadband Connectivity Program grant funds.

For more information, contact STC at 907-983-4068 or AP&T at 907-983-2022.