Skagway resident Denise Caposey nominated Scott Logan for the 37th annual Helen B. Clark Skagway Community Service Award.  Here is her nominating statement read by Jeff Brady on Dec. 8.

“Have you ever had your pipes freeze or your furnace quit in February? Or been in need of refrigeration repairs before your food order spoils in the summer sun? Then chances are, you have met Scott Logan. 

“Scott Logan is and has been THE Go To Handyman of Skagway for many of us for many a year. Scott freely lends his amazing knowledge of all things mechanical, electrical, and beyond, to those of us without his expertise. Mr. Logan gets calls from all over town, and he always responds with a smile and a joke.

“He will not accept payment for his services, as he believes his vast knowledge of all things mechanical and electrical is a gift to be shared. Scott is aging and saging in this valley he has called home for over 45 years. He is more than deserving of recognition of his generosity and willingness to come to the rescue, be it a furnace repair, a vehicle issue, a refrigerator failure, or even just a welfare check… Scott is who we call. 

“Yes, Mr. Logan has come to the rescue of many of us in Skagway. He only recently retired from the National Park Service and his phone rings regularly with people asking for his help. Always with a smile, Scott will puzzle through the problem at hand, and have fun doing it. There are not many like him left in our town.”

Before accepting the award, Logan dropped his autograph next to his photo in The Best of The Skagway Alaska, Police Blotter. Signing the book was the ploy Brady and Caposey used to lure him the the ceremony.

Logan thanked the audience in the crowded bookstore.

“I’m still available to help.” he said. “But I go to bed early so call in the morning.”