Do you believe in equality? Do you believe in human rights?

Please sign the petition in the link below asking the Alaska Marine Highway System to change the name of the ferry LeConte. 

Joseph Leconte was a slave owning Georgian who believed in racial superiority and never once stepped foot in the state of Alaska. His name does not need to be recognized here. We do not need to ferry around our state under his banner. We are explorers. We are pioneers. We are innovators. We are shakers and movers yet slow to demand the AMHS take action on this.

 In 2015 the Sierra Club requested the National Park Service to strike his name from a Yosemite lodge and the motion was honored. In 2017 the LeConte Elementary school in Berkeley California was renamed in the same spirit. Please take two minutes and visit the link below. I want to approach the AMHS board with pages of Alaska names requesting it is done.Thanks

Terray Daignault