By Gretchen Wehmhoff

When the announcement was posted that The Skagway News was going back to print, the enthusiasm was contagious and encouraging. People have told me they missed the actual, physical paper that is the 47-year-old news source of Skagway. Folks immediately restarted subscriptions to relatives Outside who missed getting the SN in the mail and others updated their subscriptions from online to print.

This particular issue is being sent to as many current and former subscribers who had mailing addresses with us as possible. Today, this Jan. 16 issue is free to you with the hope that you will like the “feel” of the paper in hand and choose to subscribe. If you know someone who did not get a copy in the mail, have them drop by The Skagway News Depot bookstore and pick one up. 

The pdf of the paper will still go out in this Friday’s email to everyone we can reach The Feb. 9 issue will be the first subscription only issue. Every subscriber will have unlimited web access.

After March, only subscribers will have unlimited access to the website

On the front page of the paper you will find a QR code and a web address where you can subscribe. You can also mail a check to Box 125, Skagway, AK 99840 and you will be set up. 

So now, spread the paper out and read the stories at your leisure. Tackle the puzzles on page 10 and leave it on the table to color the snow people. Check out our Funnies created by Alaskan cartoonists on page 9. 

After you’ve read The Skagway News, doodled on the edges and left coffee rings on the pages; after you have completed the puzzles and cut out the colored art, please recycle it or pass it on.

It’s good to be back, Skagway.

Gretchen Wehmhoff is the publisher of The Skagway News and the Skaguay Alaskan.