By Gretchen Wehmhoff

The new Cruise Float Dock en route to Ore Dock peninsula is stalled in Ketchikan due to damage sustained Feb. 12.  

According to a report by Skagway Borough Manager, Brad Ryan, the float dock, which began its journey north from Washington State on Feb. 2, was docked in Ketchikan awaiting improved weather conditions. The journey was to continue on Feb. 12. 

It was later that morning that the Pacific Pile & Marine (PPM) notified Skagway officials that “the dock had unexpectedly suffered damage during the towing process and separated into three sections.”

PPM is the contractor working on the dock and isplanning to attach the dock to the Ore Dock peninsula. The tug operator with Boyer, contacted PPM with the news.

The damaged and separated sections of the float dock continue to be moored in Ketchikan’s Ward Cove as representatives from KPFF Engineering Consulting, PPM and Skagway evaluate the damage. Ryan flew to Ketchikan to assess the situation and meet with the contractors involved.

Transpac built the dock.

Ryan’s report says the tentative plan is to replace the two broken sections while the dock remains in Ketchikan and to deliver the dock before the 2024 cruise ship season.

“We understand the importance of the Cruise Dock Float to our community and visitors alike, and we are committed to resolving this situation promptly and effectively,” Ryan said in the statement.

Ryan noted Monday that it may be challenging for the parties responsible for repairing the dock to have all the materials they would need.

Mayor Sam Bass was optimistic that the dock could be repaired, but he warned the assembly and MOS staff to be ready for challenges.

“I also want to be as pragmatic as possible and will, with collaboration of the assembly and city staff, work to develop alternative options if it becomes necessary,” Bass said

 “Regardless of the path ahead, I would ask the members of the assembly to please be prepared to attend special meetings and executive sessions as the need arises,” Bass said.

An executive session was scheduled for Feb. 22.