By Gretchen Wehmhoff

According to the borough manager’s report to the assembly, rockslide maintenance work kicked off Feb. 27.  The Municipality of Skagway, White Pass, Shannon and Wilson and Rock Supremacy (RS) gathered to cover plans for scaling the slope above Railroad Dock. 

The original plan was to address the Main Slide South Chute (SC) first then move to the other targeted areas. 

Inspection of the SC revealed that the lower mesh was disconnected and the cable anchor was broken. Scaling stopped on the SC and contractors moved to the Half Slide South (HSS). Required sand had already been laid by White Pass beneath the HSS.

Repair of the cable anchor will take place when temperatures warm up enough to ensure the grout will set properly.

Scaling of HSS was to begin this past week.

In his regular report, Manager Brad Ryan also noted that the Norwegian Bliss will not be coming to Skagway in April. Near the end of the 2023 season community members were concerned about notices that Norwegian Cruise Line ships planned to call on Skagway in April 2024.

Director Jaime Bricker reports that the Visitors Department, with the support of legislatures, Log Cabin Ski Society and Buckwheat participants, was able to work with AMHS to advocate for ferry service to support the Buckwheat Ski Race.  Bricker says her department will continue to work with DOT and AMHS to support special events in Skagway.

Due to deadlines, reporting on the Mar. 7 assembly meeting will appear in the Mar. 22 issue.