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Amazon charges Alaskans sales tax

Residents in Alaska are starting to see sales tax on their purchases, something commonplace in the rest of the United States, but newly implemented here. Reports through Skagway confirmed that Amazon has started...

Minto Mine: Purchaser looking to expand mine’s lifespan

Capstone Mining Corp. announces plans to sell Minto Mine to upstart company Pembridge Resources By CHUCK TOBIN THE WHITEHORSE STAR Capstone Mining Corp. has announced plans to sell the Minto Mine to an upstart company, Pembridge...

Consultant predicts potential economic futures for Skagway’s port

As the municipality looks at a proposal from the White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad – which includes details on a potential new tidelands lease – Port Consultant Moffatt & Nichol has returned to present findings on an expanded scope of work regarding Skagway’s most valuable asset.