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Mike Haffner dies at 54

Micheal Haffner Michael Andrew Haffner, born Jan. 11, 1966, was called home, suddenly and unexpectedly, on Feb. 18, 2020, at his home in Dyea. Michael was the third child born to Ben and Betsy Haffner, of Juneau.  Michael,...

Longtime community volunteer Buckwheat Donahue dies at age 68

Skagway’s Buckwheat Donahue, a man larger than all of us in size and spirit, journeyed around the bend on Monday, Oct. 14, at age 68. He was born Robert Carlin Donahue Jr. on Aug. 16, 1951 in Oklahoma City, and ironically died...

Obituary: Robert Edward Steward

Skagway resident Melanie Lawrence’s father, Robert Edward Steward, 66, died in May in Portland. Steward, who worked as a laborer in Portland, died of pneumonia May 23. He is survived by Lawrence and three grandchildren in...

Obituaries – Paula Virginia Roehr Mahle

Paula Virginia Roehr Mahle was born June 7, 1932 in Skagway Alaska to Charles Roehr and Borghild “Birdie” Selmer. Paula passed away in Anchorage Pioneer Home on July 25 with her family.

Obituary: Iris Monica Taylor Hahn

Iris Monica Taylor Hahn, who lived the last two months of her life in Skagway, passed away in Denver, Colorado on Dec. 19, 2017.