Ho for the Klondike …

The South Klondike Highway is not only the most scenic route to the Yukon and Interior Alaska, it also is a vital commercial link. You will be driving this highway with large trucks hauling various commodities, and large buses carrying other tourists.  Also watch for bicycle tours and sightseers. Drive safely and enjoy the ride.

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WP&YR Train Guide

The map of the railroad shows general characteristics of the route from Skagway to Bennett. Use the numbers to follow points of interest along the way.

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FISH THIS! Finding a Fisherman’s Paradise in Skagway

For first time visitors, Skagway might seem but a narrow valley, hemmed in by mountains, snow, and ice. Yet, there are a great many hidden things that lie just beyond what is readily seen. There are narrow coves where families of otters drift lazily on the surf at the first light of day.

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Name Those Peaks and Other Geography Lessons

What’s in a name? As the following glossary suggest, plenty. The place names that dot the landscape are living reminders of who has been before us, along with some of their attitudes, legends and whimsy. You’ll soon find that the people who gave Skagway its names were a lively, humorous and patriotic bunch.

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Dispatches from the Chilkoot Trail

The above description by our gold rush colleague more than a century ago paints the image that he saw as he approached the Scales, looking up to the summit of the Chilkoot Pass.

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