By Melinda Munson

Despite no formal announcement from the Municipality of Skagway, most of the town knew by Tuesday evening that Ray Leggett, chief of police for 16 years, had resigned earlier that day.

“He’s no longer employed with the municipality,” said Borough Manager Brad Ryan on Thursday. Ryan gave no further information, citing personnel privacy concerns.

Leggett said he was asked by the municipality to resign but did not wish to comment further.

With Leggett gone, Ryan will act as the administrative chief, overseeing budget issues and schedules for the 10-person police staff. Ryan said he felt confident the police station could continue to function.

“We’ve got a pretty good number of staff over there, it’s a slow time of year,” Ryan said.

The Assembly of the Whole Committee is scheduled to meet Oct, 27, 28 and 29 at 5:30 p.m. in assembly chambers to review the Fiscal Year 2021 Budget.

“That’s my focus for the next week,” Ryan said.

After the budget meetings, if instructed by the assembly, Ryan said he will update the police chief description and advertise for a new chief.

Leggett, the pastor for Life Link Fellowship Church, has lived in Skagway since 2004. The Alaska Police Standards Council (APSC) revoked Leggett’s police certification in 2017 over allegations that he interfered in a 2012 Haines police case involving his son. The APSC declined to follow the recommendation of an Administrative Law judge that Leggett retain his credentials. 

Then mayor Mark Schaefer said he found the APSC decision “somewhat unusual.” The municipality decided to keep Leggett on, as by law, police chiefs are not required to have police certification.

Read more about Leggett’s case with the APSC here.

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