I write in response to Alec Carrington’s letter to the editor titled: “The FCC deregulation leaves Skagway’s rural areas behind.” Please know that AP&T provides landline service in the Skagway region, and is committed to providing this service to all customers in its service area for the foreseeable future. Customers should not expect this to change, as Mr. Carrington’s letter suggests.  While it is true that much of AP&T’s “landline” service is currently fed via fiber vs copper (and has been for some time), this improves – rather than impairs – the long-term sustainability of landline services.

AP&T is always glad to provide information regarding its services, and encourages customers with concerns to reach out directly.  As a small business founded in Skagway, we are here to support the community, and are always available to help address your questions.  Please feel welcome to contact skagway@aptalaska.com at any time.

Darren Belisle

Manager of Power Operations Skagway, Haines & Gustavus

Alaska Power and Telephone