SNDshuttlestop2007Situated on picturesque Broadway Street in the Skagway, Alaska Historic District, our offices are in the 1899 Boa’s Bldg., part of The Mascot Group restored by Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park. In addition to our news and publishing offices, the building houses Skaguay News Depot and Books. The bookstore features a wealth of Alaska and Yukon titles. This includes books produced by our in-house small press, led by the notorious Alaskan best-seller, Best of the Skagway, Alaska Police Blotter, culled from the pages of The Skagway News. Watch for Volume 2 in May 2016.


“Skagway’s First Newspaper”Christened in 1897, buried alive in 1904, resurrected in 1978, merged in 1979, born again in 1982, and now alive and well recording Skagway’s Centennial years and beyond.

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 498,
Skagway, AK
Address: 264 Broadway Street

Ph. 907-983-2354

Main Contact e-mail: (see reporter emails below)

Photo Reprints: If you would like to purchase any of the photos in the paper for personal use, the cost is $25 for a CD with up to 5 photos, and $3 per photo for additional photos.



Publisher: Larry

Editor and Reporter: Leigh Armstrong

Advertising and Accounts: Katie

Reporter Internship 2019:  Check out our Skagway News Summer Internship program.

Contributing writers and photographers: Dustin Stone, Andrew Cremata, Molly Dischner, Klas Stolpe, Drew Foulis, and Joseph Stephenson, and others.

Circulation assistants: Chris Kuhn, Bianca Barger, Danielle Arnold.

Copy Checkers: Dorothy Brady, B.G.P. • Dustin Stone, T.W. and, always with us, Boyd Worley, L.I.C. (in memory)