Skagway tax summary and visitor stats

Provided by the Municipality of Skagway and the Skagway Visitors Department.

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Skagway Tax Summary 2022

Skagway Seasonal Visitor Stats 1983-2022c


Important notes to understanding the charts:

Notes on Tax Summary

* Service Business Revenue includes construction companies, repair services, beauty shops, RV parks, power & phone company, realtors, day care and cleaning.

** In previous years, Rental & Restaurant revenue were not published as a category. 

*These calendar year figures are compiled at the request of The Skagway News. Figures in the sections represent segments of the tourism business only, and will not always add up to the totals seen in the box to the right, which include all tax collections. 

Tax rate was 4% until 2008, when it became 3% for first and fourth quarters and 5% for second and third quarters of the calendar year. Wintertime sales tax holidays, depending on their length, also will affect final tax collection totals.

Notes on Visitor Statistics

• Numbers are for incoming visitors.

• Marine Transit category includes: Allen Marine, Fjord Express, Fjordlines and Haines Fast Ferry

• 1983 – 1997 totals are for the months of May through Sept.

• 1998 – 2001 totals are for the months of April through Sept.

• 2002 totals are for the months of May through Oct.

• 2003 – 2014 totals are for the months of May through Sept.

• 2013 highway traffic included RT tour bus traffic

• AHMS, Highway and Air numbers are for the months of May through Sept.

• 2017 Fast Ferry reported all roundtrip HNS to SGY, in addition to weekly cruise ship transfers.