My goodness, what a gem is Melinda’s July 28 column shouting to all of us to Just Keep Swinging!  Until one has been there, one does not know how quickly one can clear a playground, or upset children to tears, or just bask in the experience of being on the receiving end of taunts, jeers and pointing fingers.

Those who are made uncomfortable by non-typical children and adults should know that we do not exist in order to ruin their days, but we are not going away and we must Just Keep Swinging, even when that work is uphill.

We remember well a talented high school girl who used our old-fashioned word processor to pound out her grand-prize winning story which landed her on the cover of a national magazine, and her story in its pages.

Your Easter egg hunt idea is spot on. You made us cry.

By the way, Melinda, our special needs child/man will turn 41 on Christmas Eve. At bedtime, there is a litany of those he lifts in prayer and when we come to your name, he often poses the question, “What do you think Melinda is doing now?”

Bob, Gayle and Ian Aroian

Barre, Massachusetts