Area north of the highway bridge needs a separate water system

It seems to me that there would be an expensive auxiliary water pump system in order to maintain adequate water pressure on the northwest area across the Skagway River highway bridge, if connected to the existing downtown water distribution system. 

I would suggest examining a separate and independent water system for the area north of the highway bridge. This would include a separate well and pump system, feeding a water tank situated at a sufficient height to support a water pressure of 60 pounds per square inch. This would support any long-range development in the future for this area, with a good water distribution and fire hydrant system. This would also have the ability to start relatively small and expand as needed. 

The proposed sewer system will involve a lift station with pump to connect to the existing sewer system. This will be expensive. 

Thank you for your consideration. 

Carl Mulvihill

Help our fuel deliveries 

Greetings everyone, I hope everyone had a great summer. Now that the season has come to a close, the days are getting shorter and the temperatures are getting cooler, we will be delivering heating fuel more regularly. Please help us maintain your fuel deliveries this winter by taking a few moments to ensure that there is a clear path to your fuel tank. Many tanks have thick bushes, sharp objects, animal waste around them or are just plain inaccessible. The delivery drivers will appreciate your attention to this, and everyone will enjoy staying warm and toasty throughout the holidays and beyond.

Thank you from all of us at Petro Marine Services.

Tim Cochran

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